Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Sisters Mgazine!!

Wow! MashaAllah the Sisters Magazine is fantastic! Here is an excerpt

8 Ways to Spring Clean your Life!

1. Be a grateful
servant of Allah
Take a new look at all that
Allah has blessed you with:
your iman, your health, your
family, and thank Him for
His bounties. You will never
be able to count all of Allah’s
favours but reminding
yourself of them will
increase your gratitude and
humility – and make you see
your life with new eyes.

2. Get to know
your deen again.
Look at your religious
habits. Has your salah
become mechanical?
Is your recitation routine?
Has it been months since
you read an Islamic book?
Make a change now:
schedule some time for your
own Islamic development
and concentrate on
perfecting your current acts
of worship and adding a
new one, however small,
every week or two.

3. Guard
your time.
Been watching too much
TV? Reading trashy
magazines? Talking idly on
the phone? Now is the time
to realise how precious
your time is and start using
it effectively. You only get
each day once – write
down what you need to
achieve in a day, make a list
and tick off as you go along.
Try to incorporate more
acts of ibaadah that bring
you closer to Allah
and minimise acts that are
displeasing to Allah or
take you away from
something better.

4. Cultivate
your relationship.
Look at the state of your
marriage. Could you be
trying harder to keep the
lines of communication
open, to keep your hubby
smiling and the romance
alive? If so, brush up on
your wifely skills: anticipate
your husband’s needs, give
freely of your love, time and
energy and aim to be the
wife who is the coolness of
her husband’s eyes, all for
the sake of Allah.

5. Cherish your
little ones
If your relationship with
your children consists of
feeding, bathing, nagging,
shouting and ‘the naughty
step’, you need to take some
time out. Remember how
much you really love them
and how you wouldn’t
change them for the world –
then go and do something
fun: bake a cake (never
mind the mess!), do an art
project together, build a
giant castle, go to the park
and let them run free,
whatever takes your fancy.
They are only young once:
enjoy them while you can.

6. Reach out
to family
Have you been so busy that
you haven’t had a chance to
connect with relatives?
Write your granny a letter,
send your mum a gift, invite
your sister-in-law for lunch,
throw a party for your
kids and their cousins,
anything that builds those
ties of kinship.

7. Tend your
Have you been neglecting
your relationship with your
sisters in Islam lately? Or
perhaps you have been
developing some bad habits
together, like back-biting or
time-wasting. Take the time
to look at the state of your
friendships and address any
problems that have arisen.

8. Do some good
Give away things that you
don’t use, volunteer some
time in your local school,
hold a charity dinner –
anything that focuses your
attention on others for the
sake of Allah will boost your
iman and make you feel
better about yourself and
your life, whatever your
own situation may be.

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Anonymous said...

I would encourage all the sisters to subscribe to this on-line mazagine insha'Allah whether you're married,single,divorced because it has something to offer to all you sisters!! the sisters have put in a lot of hardwork and dedication masha'allah. it can't be missed!!!

Umm Zaidah Nusaybah