Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Remind yourself about Allahs Creation - Take the kids to an animal Museum!

Living in a built up city or a terraced house, rarely do we reflect on the beauty of Allah's creation unless its a nature programme we watch or a Ray Mears documentary(Whom my husband loves to watch!) Or flicking over to watch the Qur'an recitation on Islam Channel at mums house once in a while.

I think the last time I came across anything really beautiful that made an impact on me(in terms of the natural world that is,) was in Sweden when my husband and I visited 2 years ago.

And I vaguely remember visiting Bangladesh with my family at the age of 11. We had to walk hours through the barren land in the scorching sun to visit relatives in a distant village. Once in a while you would walk past what seemed like the tallest tree's - with an eagle perched near its nest, looking down at us.

My Friend and I took our kids and my stepchildren to The Manchester Museum today on Oxford Road. Its exhibitions are on Animals and Ancient Egypt. It struck me as to how little of Allah's creation we actually come across in our lives, unless we travel, and most of us do not, not as much as we would like to anyway.

Although the animals are dead - and stuffed, they are still so beautiful. So many different shapes and colors. Sometimes we humans think and act like we are the only species on earth.

One of my favorite displays was a stuffed polar bear which was absolutely massive so much bigger than I realised they were! I was also amazed by a snake skeleton.

On the other side of things there was the Ancient Egypt exhibition. With a couple of real mummies that were quite frightening. And a few statues of Buddha and other Idols. Of all the things the children felt compelled to sketch - it had to be the gold statue of Buddha.

It is beyond my comprehension how such a statue could be of any significance of ones life. Let alone how it could be taken as a God - to worship.

They asked me what I would've drawn, (If I could Draw). I decided I would've chosen to draw the birds. One would think that they had been painted with rich colours of deep red, blues, greens, yellows and purple. But of course they hadn't. The colours were natural. Just one of the magnificent creations of God. Our Creator.

One particular Bird stayed with me, in my mind. Even later on in the evening when we went home.
Even now.

It was a Green Bird. It reminded me of something that so many of us have forgotten.

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