Friday, 6 April 2007

Cyber Hijaab!

A smile, a wink, a bigger smile showing teeth. Then on with the cool shades.
A lol, A ROFL and an even louder ROFLMAO!!!

Is there such a thing as Cyber Hijaab? Or should there be? Or am I just an, 'old' 24 year old? - (As my '40 year old' husband calls me? He is Joking by the way. I think...)

Is it appropriate that we should be doing a 'Lotta Lotta Lols' publicly and in mixed Forums?
Or is it different when we are online, hiding behind nicknames?

We have never had paltalk or MSN In our house. Too much Fitnah my husband says (or too many viruses more likely). To be honest I really don't miss them either.

Here is an example of why, So the AlKauthar online revision sessions are held live over paltalk, so obviously we needed to download paltalk. My husband decided to browse and see whats available and came across a room where they were listening to Bilal Phillips.

So we also listened.

There was a sister in 'da room' with a name that was clearly female.

And what was lovely mashaAllah is she was typing hadith after hadith after hadith after hadith... Impressive to me. Probably even more impressive to a brother.

So she PM'S (Private Messaged) My Husband. "Are you a bro or a sis?" She asked. "I'm a sis." (You don't say love.)

"Sorry, I'm a bro." My husband Replies.

"Ok" said she said, and went away.

What happened next, who can guess?
Shaitan Crept in of course!
(Nooo - you don't say! Why on earth would he do that?!)

So she came back and just casually started a conversation with him despite knowing that he is not a sister. So my husband politely advised her.

And this was within 5 minutes of downloading paltalk.

Later on I came across someone called 'Mermaid in a Burqa.' (Sigh)

My advice to you sisters, if you want to stay away from cyber Fitnah which more often than not leads to real life Fitnah -
- get to your Cyber Closets and put on your Cyber Hijaabs!


hema said...

there should of course be such thing as cyber hijab, but maybe i'm just an old 24 year old too! it's an issue i thought about a lot before setting up my blog, and i have to constantly remind myself to be careful.
regarding the smiling faces comment, i see your point about it being equivalent to flirting in the "real" world, but sometimes i use it to soften the tone, as often it is hard to construe someone's tone in the written medium.
a valuable reminder though, jazakAllah.

hema said...

what's ROFLMAO

Suhail said...

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Saabirah said...

I think it's ok to smile at ppl of the same sex even if the opposite sex can view it though ie on a mixed forum. But I think exercising caution is best, you don't wanna risk giving away too much of your "personality" and some sisters are too annoyingly giggly - lolling all over the show.

baba said...

i agree with saabirah- 'lol' is the dumbest invention since... umm well im not sure but its pretty annoying...
also read this article for an amusing perspective on this issue;

Umm Maymoonah said...

RAFLMAO was my husbands input - I havn't come across it - Alhamdulillah. It means, Rolling on the floor laughing my 'BLEEP' off.

Aisha said...

yes there definately needs to be more caution in cyber space.

This is especially important as in cyber space you may not see one another but feelings, emotions, and our truest thoughts are in play.

Therefore caution must be taken as we will be questioned for not only our physical interaction with others but our emotional interaction ie the thoughts we entertain, the feelings in our hearts that we then allow to surface in what we call 'innocent chat' that takes the form of words on a screen.

It all seems harmless as we are not physically in the presence men.

Think of it this way but would you really be lol or rolling around on the floor laughing your head off if a brother was stood in front of you...