Monday, 14 May 2007

Strange but True

When I was expecting Maymoonah we were choosing possible boys names and girls names that we liked. Myself and 5 of my close friends happened to be pregnant at the same time. So 3 of us (including one of my best friends) had chosen the name Nusaybah - but didn't tell each other. But they were due before me so Nusaybah was taken.

Then my heart inclined to Maymoonah. My husband liked it but obviously wanted to have a named he had chosen. ONE day I decided I would do some reading and find out more about Maymoonah the wife of the Prophet Muhammad.

It turned out that the prophets wife maymoonah also shared the same surname as my husband 'Al Harith'. Thus my future daughter would fully share the same name as the wife of the prophet - Maymoonah Bint Al Harith.


Anonymous said...

subhanAllah i remember that time when we discovered that the three of us liked the name, nusaybah, seems like yesterday!

umm zaidah Nusaybah

Anonymous said...

I have to say I do think you're wasting the name Nusaybah as everyone calls her Zaida!

Anonymous said...

'WASTE'?!! how? she is known as Zaidah Nusaybah Mustafa...that's her full name. how can a name be wasted? i've heard of wasting time,money food etc but never have I heard of wasting a name.

Umm zaidah Nusaybah

Umm Maymoonah said...

Oops, don't take it to heart. I think anon is trying to wind you up and i'm sure most of us know who it is. Its a lovely name mashaAllah.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum, the last time I checked the name Nusaybah was NOT copyrighted.:-)

So anyone can feel free to use it inshaAllah.

As her father I pray that she grows up to live upto that name inshaAllah.

wa as-salaam

Abu Zaidah NUSAYBAH Mustafa

Saabirah said...

Look who's a Sensitive Sally all of a sudden! Is it motherhood or is it that ppl down south are less laidback. By heck you get less and less northern as time goes by lass I tell you... (shakes head in sadness).

Well I'm sorry to offend you Sally, but in my defence I can't see anyone calling her ZAIDAH NUSAYBAH MUSTAFA! Everyone calls her Zaida, that's what I meant. Sigh.

hema said...

so, what does nusaybah mean exactly, seen as it's not copyrighted, i will suggest in for my brother's baby. (i like maymoonah too but we have about three of them in our family already)

some of this post has just disappeared??? i was going to ask for more detail on one of them...

Anonymous said...

Read this inshaAllah