Friday, 25 May 2007

A compliment a day....

....takes the troubles away!

Its been brought to my attention that whilst many brothers are keen to point out the Health and beauty posts to their wives, they (according to anonymous comments left by wives) do not notice when the sisters DO make an effort.

So I asked my husband about this. He had this to say, 'Its not that the men don't notice. They do notice. They probably just don't comment.'


Muhammad Al Shareef mentioned something similar once and he likened it to buying a gift for someone. If you don't appreciate or thank that person for their gift. Is that person likely to give you another gift?

So give it a try, compliment your wife at least once a day and I guarantee it will encourage her to do the more. It doesn't even need to be on something physical.

A sister told me once that men are like big children. If they do something good for you, compliment them and express your gratitude, he will want to do more for you. Tell him he is the best husband in the world and he will want to be a better husband.

I say the same goes for women - I guess we're all really just big kids.

'Whoever does not show gratitude to the people has not shown gratitude to Allah.'


Do not ask, 'Is that a new dress/top? Are they new earrings? Etc. If she's worn it before its not likely to go down very well....


Anonymous said...

Random Brother says

Dear Umm Maymoonah, thank you for all your practical tips and advice, me and my wife have enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

PS I would be interested to know what your husband thinks of your blog :-)

Random brother.

Sumera said...

Compliments go a long way and can demonstrate love and affection in a way that a badly burnt dinner by cooked by your spouse wouldnt be able to do :p

Umm Maymoonah said...

Try to also give a compliment a day to other members of your family. My cousin tells my mum she looks really good whenever she visits her. You should see my mums face, it beams! She looks so chuffed!

Random Brother Alhamdulillah I get loads of help, Advice, Ideas from my family, some close friends and my Husband - Mainly to make sure Im not saying anything wrong or that can be taken the wrong way. So Alhamdulillah its technically not just my own blog.