Tuesday, 22 May 2007

5 (unobvious) things I cannot be grateful enough for.

1. That this was one of the first articles I read when I started to practice Islam.

2. The Best Advice from a sister before I got married.
When you get married if you have a problem with your husband talk to Allah first and foremost.
Then if you still need to talk to your husband.
Then if you still need to talk to a person of knowledge who does not know your husband.
Then if you still need to in a very serious case speak to your Wali.
Do not speak to other sisters if you can avoid it. As tempting as it may be. You will notice most problems disappear after the first level, after you speak to Allah.

Do not discuss negative things about your husband with anyone because most of the time it will get sorted, you will forget the argument and forgive but others will not.
Nor talk about positive things too much about your husband, because sisters start to compare and become dissatisfied with their spouse - everyone has different good and bad qualities.

3. The best advise from a brother to my husband before he got married.
When you get married act like it. Act like you are married, not like many brothers who still act like single brothers even when they are married and remember your responsibilities.

4. For the teaching of my parents and family always reminding me, If a guy is going to even speak to you and not come forward to your family he is someone who does NOT respect you or your family.

5. For my beautiful sisters in Islam. That myself and all my close friends started to practice Islam one after the other at University. Therefore we started learning from the beginning together and it was the most fun way of learning. We all had different qualities and wisdoms to offer to each other, and if anyone started to head in the wrong direction we were able to advise each other in the best way.
I was also able to become friends with many sisters who were older (and younger sisters)and more experienced than me in life, who were role models for me and encouraged me in the best of ways.

And Love for the sake of Allah is more beautiful than any other love we shared for each other.

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Anonymous said...

That's really nice masha'Allah. JazakiLlah khair for sharing.

Saabirah(can't be bothered logging in)