Monday, 10 December 2007

Calling all bloggers!

Asalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

I pray that this finds you all in the best of health and iman! For our Spring issue, SISTERS is asking the bloggers one question:

What two things are you grateful for and why?

Answer in as many as 10 sentences and make it as eloquent, inspiring and individual as you are!

JazakunnAllahu khairan wasalaam

Please send your responses to as soon as possible to be included in the next issue, insha Allah.

Don't forget sisters is now in PRINT! To celebrate SISTERS are offering FREE postage on all online orders until the end of the month!

Alhamdulillah I have to say this is the first edition that I'm able to read thoroughly. I've been sitting with my magazine while Maymoonah sits with her books. AND since its 'tangible' and Animate Image-free I was able to leave it lying around and even Abu M Picked it up and had a browse through it!

In this Issue...
10 Things to hand down to your daughter
Losing a child - sisters speak
How to obtain the Love of Allah
Balancing work and Motherhood
Superfoods from the Sunnah
A sensuous makeover for your bedroom

and... Funky Winter Fashion Feature!

So what are you waiting for? Where else can you find a combination of Knowledge, Advice on various issues health and beauty tips, household matters, cooking tips, poetry, brothers thoughts ;-) and so much more!

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Umm Zaidah Nusaybah said...

Alhamdulillah I am loving the magazine in print because I can pick it up whenever I have a few moments to spare. it was quite difficult trying to read it on-line as I had to compete with Zaidah and her dad to get on the laptop!!!

Umm Junayd said...

Mashaa`Allaah ukhtee - love the sales talk! Jazaakillaahu khairan for spreading the SISTERly love.

umm M said...

Umm ZN - Beats our High school mags anyday eh Sugar? :-)

Umm Junayd - wa iyaak!

Umm Zaidah Nusaybah said...

of course it does alhamdulillah!!! may Allah reward the sisters for their hard work. ameen.