Friday, 20 July 2007

In Cuba - simple pleasures.

In Cuba (Guantanamo Bay), the brothers would try to save the stalk of any apple or pear they were given. They would then hide it and wait for it to dry out so that they could then use it as Miswaak.

When the US soldiers found out they would search them - and their 'cages' for it - a fruit stalk of all things. But then it was a small luxury for the brothers. And they weren't supposed to have basic needs and necessities - never mind luxuries.


Anonymous said...

We would never think of a fruit stalk as being anything significant to us!

Random Brother said...

May Allahs' help be with all our brothers and sisters under oppression around the world, Ameen.

Umm M - don't you think in some ways Guantanamo is better staying open because otherwise these brothers would be sent back to prisons in their own countries and who knows what would happen to them there?

Umm Maymoonah said...

Its a difficult situation no doubt as clive stafford smith highlights inTHIS ARTICLE

There are a number of brothers who would prefer to be there than go back home but they are not the majority.

And hopefully calls to close Guantanamo would lead to each detainee having there situation and circumstance reviewed and inshaAllah released.