Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Jack and Charlotte again.

Jack and Charlotte are getting ready to visit Charlottes mum.

Jack: "How do I say to your mum in her language: I'm really proud to be your son in law'?"

Charlotte smiles: "Oh that's easy. You don't"

Jack: "Huh?"

Charlotte: "You just don't say thing's like that in our culture."

Jack: "Okay, but how would you say it?"

Charlotte: "I really don't know, because you just wouldn't say that."

Jack laughs: "You call yourself Bengali and you can't even speak the language!"

Charlotte smiles: "Yes, just like you call yourself your father son and you can't even cook."

(Jack's father is a Chef).

Later on Jack speaks to his sister on the phone.

"Can you believe she said that to me(!)?"

Jack's sister: "Well...."

Jack: "Well what?"

Jack's sister: "Well, she's right. You don't know how to cook.."

A resolute Jack tells his sister: "Right, you're giving me cooking lessons."

Charlotte thanks God for Sister-In-Laws and looks forward to putting her feet up for a while.

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