Friday, 20 November 2009


HHUGS urgently requires funds as our financial situation is currently very dire and if we are to continue providing the vital support that we do to the HHUGS families we need YOU to donate.

“Whoever relieves a believer in distress, Allah will relieve his distress in this world and the next" Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

Over the last year HHUGS has continued to provide vital services which include:

Family day trips out
Prison visits
Children’s activities
Eid parties
Eid presents
Food rotas
Help with school fees
Help with household costs

HHUGS has started many projects over the last year to empower the women to look after themselves, these include:

Development courses
Driving lessons

We hope to introduce many new projects in the near future, these include:

English classes
Skills courses like sewing classes
Financial management courses and support
Life in the UK courses

Here is what two families we help have to say about us:

"We didn't get any support from anyone else, the support is fantastic. They are very considerate and listen to me, I don't find that support anywhere else. What you are doing for the families is unbelievable, I don't know how the people survive without you." West London family

"When he was not allowed to go out, for example, to do paperwork and shopping - they helped me a lot. We don't have family here. Until now the only help we've had is from HHUGS." East London family

To donate:

Regular donations

Standing orders are the most important source of income for HHUGS. You can set up a standing order by filling in our standing order form which can be found here, please fill it in and send to:

PO Box 415
New Malden

One off payments


By post

Please print this form fill it in and send to the address above.

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