Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fighting Your Nature

In ‘Hilyat al-Awliya” (10/287), it’s related that al-Junayd said:

الإنسان لا يعاب بما في طبعه إنما يعاب إذا فعل بما في طبعه

“A person is not to be blamed for his nature. Rather, he is to be blamed if he acts according to his nature.”

This is a very deep statement.

A person should not bring his status as an imperfect human being to serve as an excuse for manifesting blameworthy characteristics and actions. Yes, we were fashioned with varying degrees of negative attributes within us, such as envy, greed, lack of gratitude, arrogance, the desire to commit certain sins, etc.

However, we were also fashioned with the ability to repel, change, and strive against the inclinations to openly manifest them.

It is possible to abandon negative traits you find in yourself and change your character for the better. You just have to know what you want to become, and want it badly enough to put up a fight whenever the negative traits that get in the way begin to surface.



sis said...

When I was at university and college I would use PMT as an excuse to lash out at family and friends.

I didn't even realise I was doing it, until one day after I snapped at a friend, then apologised saying, 'i'ts my period', she said, 'I think you use that as an excuse.'

After that I realised it was possible to curb my emotions if I tried. Even during my monthly.

I stil do get teary and down at the same time every month but I don't use it as any kind of excuse.

We are responsible for our actions. Period. :-)

Islam4Parents said...

MashaAllah, very informative.

Thanks for sharing. May Allah reward you.