Friday, 6 March 2009

Paradise Island Adventure Golf Course

Wondering what to do for fun when the weather's as unpredictable as it has been recently? Something family friendly, doesn’t break the bank, minimal haram/doubtful stuff, minimal contact with the elements, convenient to get to...

There are several options with their pros and cons.

Bowling is quite fun but sooo much music.

Laser quest is fun, energising, and even gives a moderate work out to those who usually are a stranger to exercise! But again, a lot of music and not suitable for those with asthma - what with all the smoke - or intolerance to flashing lights.

Museums/aquariums are a good option; educating and interesting.

Adventure golf!

Or, to be more precise, The Trafford Centre (sheltered from the cold, easy to get to, shop to your heart’s content afterwards, FREE PARKING!)

Paradise Island Adventure Golf Course. Located in the Dome (near the Odeon cinema), it comprises of two 18 hole indoor golf courses with tropical themes, complete with jungle animal and thunder noises (yes, no music!), boulders, stone and wood carvings, huts, and exotic animals sprawled around.

The slogan is “There’s only one thing you need to remember – it’s not the taking part that counts… it’s the winning.” Not really, it’s a fun activity not to be taken too seriously.

We had a good laugh taking the mick out of the less skilled who took up to 6/7 hits before we could put the ball into the tricky holes – as you can see, I don’t even know the proper lingo. Not that anyone noticed; I didn’t see anyone wearing diamond patterned (argyle)jumpers, which means it’s not like “proper” golf (which I think is mind-numblingly boring) and is just good fun.

The open times are 10am-11pm everyday. Prices start at £3.50 for under 5s to £7.00 for adults, but there are special offers for groups/families.


Anonymous said...

Is there a place to pray nearby and approx how long does each session/game last?

Saabirah said...

Walaikum salam. Yes there is a prayer room in the Trafford Centre, about 5mins walk from where the adventure golf is. When we went, a game of 4 lasted about an hour or so, I think. But I wasn't keeping check of the time.