Saturday, 13 September 2008

Speech by Moazzam Begg at Cage Prisoners dinner

Here is part of the speech by Brother Moazzam at the Cageprisoners Iftar last weekend. The whole speech is not available yet but the part we can hear does indeed speak miles. Moazzam went on to talk about the brothers who are released and the ongoing test for them - that is their freedom.

Sister Yvonne Ridley had also spoken as did Imam Anwar Al Awlaki - which I will post at a later date InshaAllah.

I could only see the teary eyes of many sisters as Yvonne spoke, but as the saying goes, 'The eyes are the windows to what is in the hearts.' Her speech focusing on the plight of our sister Aafia Siddique and also The Grey Lady of Bagram - aka prisoner 650. Her identity still remains unknown.

It was not only a reminder for us but also for the Ex detainees, of what Allah had brought them through with faith and strength. One of the largest gatherings of ex - Caged Prisoners to date, I could see the happiness on my husbands face and I could hear it in his voice at seeing all the other brothers. Happiness mixed with sadness at the same time for the other brothers who were still there and for our brothers And Sisters in similar and Far Worse oppression.

The evening was Inspiring, heartwarming and more importantly - heart awakening. May Allah reward Cageprisoners and all those who are helping in this ongoing cause for the sake of Allah.


Anonymous said...

Asslamu Alaikum warahmatullah, Dear Umm Maymoona JazakhAllahu Khyran for posting the speech of M.Begg, subhanAllah only Allah knows how much I wanted to attend this iftar but could not. subhanAllah by the grace of Allah I am able to take a glimps of this brilliant event without attending Alhamdulillah and thanks to you!

by the way I came to know of your blog through Umm Zaida. Keep up the good work!

Umm Talha (East London)

PS I look forward to Imam Anwar's speech

Umm Maymoonah said...

Walaikumsalam salam wa rahmatullahi wabarakatu Ukhtee Umm Talha,

How lovely to have you visit the blog . BarakAllah feeki dear sis and JazakAllahu khairan to you - for teaching the parenting notes to the sisters in East London, by the grace of Allah we are also able to benefit from your teachings through Umm Zaidah's notes.

Perhaps in the future we northerners will also be able to benefit 1st hand from your knowledge and sit in one of your classes inshaAllah.

I look forward to more of umm zaidah's notes from your courses!

InshaAllah I will post Imam Anwars speech if I can get hold of it and if not then I will try to transcribe it from notes inshaAllah.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I also could not attend.

Umm Zaidah Nusaybah said...

Assalamu alaikum,

Alhamdulillah I found this on you tube. Imam Amwar Al Awlaki's speech.

subhanAllah, he gives so much hope to those going through hardships

Anonymous said...

JazakAllahu khairan Umm Zaidah - i was searching for this on different sites.

Umm Hannah

Anonymous said...

Random brother said...

Cheers for this Umm M.