Sunday, 10 June 2007

Her reward is with her Lord.

As I walked into the sisters section in one of the Masjids in Manchester the other day. The room was empty apart from a sister who was hoovering. Well, I thought it was a hoover, untill I noticed that it had water in it and a small tube attached to it. I assumed that she must be the cleaner.

When we started chatting I realised that she wasn't a cleaner. I enquired about her 'hoover thingy' and she told me that it was a carpet cleaning machine. She seemed hesitant to supply all the information, but I probably forced her to with all my questions.

She had - from her own initiative ordered the carpet cleaner from Ebay - at a bargain price of £122 including delivery, (they are usually double the price or more.)

So she had come in at a quiet time to clean the Masjid. She isn't hired or paid to do so. Her reward is with her Lord.

AND she is a full time mother! She had her two young children with her who were playing happily outside.


hema said...

may Allah bless her and her two little children with all that is good in this life and the next.
and may Allah grant us the ability to do everything for His sake alone.

we rent a carpet cleaner for the day and make full use of it by loaning it out to as many houses as possible.

Rosashe said...

AOA sister,

she is a great example of kindness and a muslimah, may Allah (SWT) reward her for her deeds. And give us the ability to do such great deeds.